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Do a quick search for local family photography, and you will see millions of results from the beginning amateur getting their side-hustle going to the veteran professional working with major brands. Sifting through all of that competition can be difficult, so I thought it a good idea to take a moment and introduce myself and my style of family photography.

My name is Patricia Winesickle, and I am a local Camp Hill photographer focused on providing a memorable image that evokes a positive emotional response when hung on your walls. That is why I named my studio Bring to Mind Photography

I work closely with every client and listen to the unique vision and goals while also considering the colors and décor of their home. This way, we work together to create a fantastic image that captures a rare moment and looks amazing in your home, reminding everyone that sees the photo of the love your family shares.

Bring your memories to life with us 


A Simple Art-Oriented Photography Session

Photography is all about telling a story. Whether spontaneous or curated, we are building a new memory that is meaningful and grows in value over time. No matter how old you or your children get, this rare image speaks to when life was simpler, and you shared a warm moment together.

With that in mind, all of my sessions involve a simplified process to ensure an exceptional end digital file. Therefore, I will usually follow a method like:

  1. Initial Consultation – we will cover the details, story, scope, and meaning behind your session.
  2. Pre-Production – we will discuss finding a location that works well for your session and talk about color schemes and wardrobe or any other props you may require. I can also host sessions in my Central PA photography studio.
  3. Photography Session – time for the magic to happen! I like to take a moment to get to know your kids, especially the younger ones. This may be sharing a snack or playing a game to put them at ease and give you a moment to feel comfortable, so we get the best possible shots with authentic smiles.
  4. Reveal – this is my favorite part because I get to invite you over to my home studio or offer a Zoom call where we can go through the slideshow of your session and handpick the unedited (raw) photos you want. I will then work my magic using the latest Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop software packages to edit and refine your selected images.
  5. Delivery – I will send over an online gallery that showcases your selected images that have been expertly edited. You will also get the chance to purchase any luxury products like heirloom albums, wall art, collections, and more. Each product comes with a matching digital file.

That’s it! I try to keep things simple so we can focus more on the joy and rare intimate moments that will last a lifetime.


A Broad Range of Photography Sessions

The first question I always get asked by people when they learn I do photography is, “what is the best session or photography for my family?” The honest truth is whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

What my clients tend to remember the most when looking back on family photos are the unique facial expressions and hilarious behind-the-scenes moments. These are only triggered in our minds when everyone is relaxed and willing to have a little fun.

That is why I offer a range of different sessions because I want people to come in with a goal in mind that we can work towards together. My more popular options include:

Family Sessions, Milestone Sessions, Maternity Sessions, Newborn Sessions, High School Senior Sessions, Couples Photography and more!



I am more than happy to work with special requests or tailored packages depending on your need or innovative ideas.


A Little About Me

As I mentioned before, my name is Patricia Winesickle. I have had a love and passion for creativity ever since sitting by my father as a child and watching him create fantastic oil paintings or wood carvings. Seeing how much joy he got creating something new ignited my passion for using my own photography skills to do the same for families every day.

After graduating high school, I went on to study the Sciences of Communication and Arts. This is where I discovered a deep love of learning new skills. This probably explains why I am always exploring new subjects to better myself and my studio, including digital marketing, motion graphics, different languages, and anything else that tickles the discovery part of my mind.

Throughout my visual design and photography career, I have worked for lives TV shows, news, media, advertising, and even with notable brands like Coco-Cola and Pepsi as a producer, video editor, designer, and more.

All of that activity led me back to photography. That is why I love Bring to Mind Photography so much because it allows me to use all my skills, but on a much more flexible time schedule where I get to be the boss!

Where to Get Started

I hope this gives you an excellent overview of my studio and photography style. If you would like to schedule a session, please feel free to send me a note through my contact page. You are also more than welcome to explore my online portfolio to see the different families, newborns, couples, and individuals I have worked with throughout the years.

Thank you for considering Bring to Mind Photography. I look forward to helping you create a unique memory that will tell a little of your story for generations to come. Please contact me for a complimentary consultation



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